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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The Definition of Search Engine Marketing, or SEM as it is known in the marketing world, is a form of Internet marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs) through the use of search engine optimization, paid ad placement and contextual advertising.

That's all great but the real question is:
How can it benefit you and your business?

Whether you sell products online or want to bring people into your store, the bottom line is online marketing is a whole lot more then just bringing traffic to your website and that is where we come in. Jive Media has the solution to give you more actual customers.

The days of just purchasing a yellow page ad, sending out mailers and waiting for customers to come are soon drawing to a close.

In the past, a Yellow Pages print ad was a no-brainer; just like us, if you had a local company, part of your advertising budget was set aside to purchase an ad in the phone book. If you were aggressive, you would purchase a half-page ad or larger. On average, a half-page ad costs over $15,000.

But in 2008, a major shift happened. According to ComScore, this was the year that Internet search surpassed the yellow pages in terms of consumer usage. In 2008, 31% of all local search inquiries for a commercial business originated online.

As a business owner, we are not telling you anything you don't already know. Chances are you have already trimmed your print budget in favor of more modern and effective forms of advertising like Internet marketing.

You are not alone. Wells Fargo/Wachovia forecasts almost a 40% drop in print and online spending on yellow pages over the next 4 years.

More and more people are now turning to the Internet to research and buy products and services and our Search Engine Marketing puts your business in front of searchers who are looking for what you’ve got. Here are some facts:

  • Yellow Pages are difficult to track and have limited tracking options. Online marketing offers extensive tracking options. 
  • Yellow Pages reach can only go so far and if you advertise in more than one directory it can get very expensive. Online marketing has an unlimited reach and is very cost effective.
  • You can only change your advertising message on a yearly basis with Yellow Pages. You can change your message online at any time.
  • 97% of consumers research online before purchase *1
  • 92% of potential clients contact the business immediately after searching online *2
  • There are over 13 billion searches on the web/monthly and growing. Yellow Pages receive an approximate 1 billion references/month and is losing more and more customers that advertise in the Yellow Pages every year.

Search Engine Marketing puts your business in front of searchers that are willing to pay for what you offer. Without this specialized marketing, businesses generally only show up in search results when someone searches for their business name. That’s great if people already know who you are and what you sell, but that’s not enough for most businesses.

How do we snag these potential customers? We customize your campaign based on how people search for your product or service. Then we put your business right under their noses.  Paying customers will just be a click away.

There are three sections where your business can be listed on search results pages and we cover them all, because the more coverage on the search results, the more customers for you.

We blend the strongest online marketing tools, making the perfect concoction for your business. Anyone can get traffic to a website, but we get customers in your door.

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1 BIA/Kelsey & Constat 2010
2 TMP Directional Marketing & ComScore 2009

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