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What is Conversion Rate Optimization and Why is it Important?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the method of creating an experience for a website or landing page visitor with the goal of increasing the percentage of visitors that convert into customers or perform an action that you defined as your marketing goals or objective when creating your digital marketing strategy. Depending on your marketing campaign, a conversion can be the number of people who filled out a contact form, signed up for your newsletter, made a purchase, attended an event or called you for more information — whatever action leads to accomplishing the overall goals of your online marketing strategy.

Are you content with just knowing how many visitors visit your site each month or would it be important to you to create a purchase funnel that assists potential customers in taking the desired actions you feel are important and have the ability to track and measure these conversions to improve your lead generation and sales? Are you interested in learning more?

Calls-to Action

I Like What You Offer But You Didn't Tell Me What to Do Next

What is a call to action?

A call to action (CTA) is a clear statement or button, usually at the end of a piece of content, that simply informs the reader what you want them to do next.

The biggest sin most website content designers make is not adding a call to action. For example, I visit your site, you have dazzled me with your brilliant content, I am interested in your products and services - the end. What? Please tell me what I should do next. Don't leave your prospect hanging. Every piece of content should have an actionable call to action preferably matching your business goals and designed for conversion tracking.

What makes good calls to action? Ask yourself:

  • What are my business goals when this content was written? Does my call to action support that goal?
  • Am I talking directly to my prospects and not offending them? Does my call-to-action create a clear value proposition?
  • Is my call to action clear and concise? Does it have eye-catching design that makes people want to act?
  • If my call to action is linking to another page on my site, Where am I driving them and why?
  • Will the clicking of my call to action create a conversion that I can track and measure?
  • Is my call to action assigned to a specific page (ideally a landing page) and is that page fully optimized and in the proper location of my purchase funnel navigation?

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Landing Pages

If your optimized content page isn’t a good landing page for conversions, then you’re just throwing away good money.

As a business owner, here is a letter you would want to receive from a potential customer:

Dear business owner, I found you in the search engines and was interested in your offer. After visiting your site I decided to buy from you vs. your competitor. Here are my reasons why:

  • Keyword Focused Headline: The headline on your page matched the link I clicked in the search results and gave me reason to stay on your page and engage with you.
  • Content Focused on Benefits: When I started to read your content, I saw benefits of what your product can do for me. On your competitor's page all I saw was specifications.
  • Content That Can Be Scanned: I am not an avid reader and a very busy person. I do not have the time to read through lengthy content. You gave me the ability to quickly scan through your content and find the information that mattered to me.
  • Visual Clarity: Your page wasn't cluttered and did not distract me. Your page was clean and appealing with an image that grabbed my attention and a bullet point list that I could quickly read through.
  • Call to Action: After reading your content, I was very interested in your offer and I appreciate you showed me what to do next instead of just dropping me on your page to fend for myself.
  • Social Proof: You had testimonials and social proof that convinced me your offering has value to other people like just like me.
  • Social Sharing: Your offering was valuable to me. I found your social sharing buttons and spread the word about you with my friends and family.
  • Testing: Optimizing and improving your page by testing it for rankings and conversions must have taken time. It really paid off and I appreciate the diligence you took to give me a positive buying experience.

Sincerely, Your Customer For Life

Yes, I know, you probably would never receive a letter like this. But it does make you stop and think how conversion tracking, landing page optimization, monitoring your data and constant testing can greatly improve your business.

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Conversion Tracking

Better conversion strategies and conversion tracking can avoid thousands of dollars in lost revenue and make your cash register ring.

Here is an example: It is 8:55 A.M. and the boss is about to arrive at the Monday morning sales meeting. Josh, the marketing manager, knows exactly what questions he is going to ask and this time he is prepared.

The boss arrives and asks,: "Josh, how is the website doing? Are we meeting our goals and objectives this week?" Josh replies, "yes sir, since Jive Media implemented conversion tracking, our business objectives are being met and here is the proof."

Macro Conversions

  • We have received 100 lead form submissions this week which resulted in $5000.00 in sales of which 50% was profit. This cost us only $5.00 per form submission!
  • Our online store sales increased sales by 20% over last week. Here are the reasons why...
  • Our paid search ads promoting our service department received 50 more phone calls than last week. This increase was due to promotion x...

Micro Conversions (Key Performance Indicators)

  • We have received 200 new newsletter signups this week that featured our new sales promotion.
  • Our PDF brochure was downloaded 50 times less than last week and Jive Media is working with us to correct this.
  • Our driving directions page was accessed 75 times this week and here are the cities the requests came from.
  • We received 100 new Google+ followers this week and due to our new blog post, we received 200 new likes on Facebook.
  • Since Jive Media implemented campaign tracking on our online newspaper ad buys, we have discovered that we are receiving a lower ROI than we first thought.

Building value and clarity through conversion strategies and conversion tracking and helping our clients understand how to spend their advertising budget in the best way possible is our mission.

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