Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Online Marketing Seems Kind of Expensive.
How will I know if Google Adwords will help my business?

Like many business owners just like you, it's been tough to invest in marketing because you just haven't been able to justify the cost and track the investment in the past, correct?

You have tried conventional advertising like yellow pages, newspaper and radio ads but have never been able to track or justify the results from your spend and how they are influencing your ROI.

A big reason we're so successful working with owner-operator businesses like yours is that we are able to determine a budget that makes sense for your business and what you want to accomplish. With Google Adwords you'll be able to track our analytics. The benefit to you is that being able to measure results makes it much easier to see how well your marketing investment is really working for you and how it will enable you to repeat successful campaigns so your business continues to grow online.

Adwords Campaign - Case Study #1

An online supplier of marine and boating hardware was having a difficult time having his business found in search engines for search terms that potential customers were using to find his products and services. Due to the nature of the industry, the top pages in search results were being filled with listings from large competitors like Amazon and he could not get the exposure that he desired to increase his sales.

We analyzed the client's customers, where they were located, what their buying habits were and what times and days they were most likely to be shopping online. We forumalated the cliet's return on investment and devised a budget that was profitable. From this information, an adwords campaign was initiated where ads were shown to specific geographic areas where boating supplies were most purchased and the ads were shown Monday through Friday during specific business hours that we knew purchasing agents were most likely to search for his products.

The result was a streamlined, profitable campaign where he is now marking regular sales and not wasting valuable ad spend on days and times that did not produce positive results.

Adwords Campaign - Case Study #2

A firewood delivery company delivers firewood to a specific metropolitan area. It is a very competitve business and their prime selling season only lasts five months. They wanted an Adwordscampaign created that would drive more leads in a short period of time, have the ability to only run the campaign during their limited selling season and have an opportunity to engage customers before their competition.

After performing our market reasearch and competitor analysis, we determined that the majority of their customers were impulse buyers and used mobile devises to make their inquiries and purchase decisions. To avoid any wasted ad spend from customers outside their delivery area, we created an Adwords campaign that was limited to a 35 mile radius of their delivery area. To capture more leads from impulse buyers using mobile devises, we utilized phone extensions that allowed mobile customers to call them directly from the ad and gave them an opportunity to assist more customers before their competition.

The result was more sales and a higher ROI by saving on ad clicks in areas they could not serve.

A creative Google Adwords campaign, that is designed to the specific needs and objectives of your business, is trackable, affordable and just may be the best marketing investment you have ever made.